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MAMMA (Μαμμή), a district in Byzacena, at the foot of a chain of lofty mountains, where in A.D. 536 the eunuch Solomon, with 10,000 Romans, inflicted a signal defeat upon 50,000 Moors. (Procop. B. V. 2.11; Corippus, Johannis, 6.283; Theophan. p. 170; Auast. p. 61; Le Beau, Bas Empire, vol. viii. pp. 307--311; comp. Gibbon, c. xli.) Justinian afterwards fortified. Mamma (Procop. de Aed. 6.6), which is represented by the plains lying under the slopes of Jebel Truzza near Kíruân, in the Regency of Tunis. (Barth, Wanderungen, pp. 247, 285.)


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