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A city of Samnium, mentioned only by Livy, who calls it “a strong city” (validam urbem, 10.17), notwithstanding which it was taken by assault, by the Roman consul P. Decius, in a single day, B.C. 296. Its position is fixed by Romanelli at Baselice, a considerable town near the sources of the Fortore (Frento), in the territory of [p. 2.377]the Hirpini, about 20 miles W. of Luceria. An inscription found here would seem to attest that Murgantia existed as a municipal town as late as the reign of Severus; but considerable doubts have been raised of its authenticity. (Romanelli, vol. ii. p. 481; Mommsen, Topograrfia degli Irpini, pp. 4, 5; in Bull. dell' Inst. Arch. 1848.) The coins, with an Oscan legend, which have been generally attributed to Murgantia, in reality belong to Teate. (Friedländer, Oskische Münzen, p. 49.)


A city of Sicily, the name of which is variously written Murgantia, Murgentia, and Morgantia. [MORGANTIA] [E.H.B]

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