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MUSARNA (Μουσάρνα, Ptol. 6.21.5, 6.8.9; Marcian. Peripl. 29--32, ap. Geogr. Graec. Min. ed. Müller, 1855), a spot on the shore of Gedrosia, as may be inferred from the comparison of the authorities. Ptolemy mentions two places of the name, one in Gedrosia, and the other in Caramania; but there can be no doubt that the same place is intended. Arrian speaks of a place which he calls τὰ Μόσαρνα, on the coast of Gedrosia, which was occupied by the Ichthyophagi (Indic. 26). Vincent, who has examined this geographical question with much care, thinks that this port must have been situated a little west of the modern cape Passenee or Pasmee. (Voyage of Nearchus, vol. i. p. 242.) The difference of position in the ancient geographers may be accounted for. by the fact that Musarna must have been on the boundary between Gedrosia and Caramania. Ptolemy speaks of a tribe, whom he calls Musarnaei (Μουσαρναῖοι, 6.21.4). There can be little doubt that they were the people who lived around Musarna.


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