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NEANDREIA, NEA´NDRIUM, NEANDRUS (Νεάνδρεια, Νεάνδριον, Νέανδρος: Eth. Νεανδρεύς or Νεανδριεύς), a town in Troas, probably founded by Aeolians; in the time of Strabo it had disappeared, its inhabitants, together with those of other neigh-bouring places, having removed to Alexandreia. (Strab. xiii. pp. 604, 606.) According to Scylax (p. 36) and Stephanus Byz. (s. v.), Neandreia was a maritime town on the Hellespont ; and Strabo might perhaps be supposed to be mistaken in placing it in the interior above Hamaxitus ; but he is so explicit in his description, marking its distance from New Ilium at 130 stadia, that it is scarcely possible to conceive him to be in the wrong. Hence Leake (Asia Minor, p. 274), adopting him as his guide, seeks the site of Neandreia in the lower valley of the Scamander, near the modern town of Ene.


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