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OENOLADON (Οἰνολάδων, Stadiasm. § 96), a river in the district of the African Syrtes, near the town of AMARAEA (Ἀμαραία, Stadiasm. l.c.), where there was a tower and a cove. Barth (Wanderungen, pp. 300, 359) refers it to the Wady Msîd, where there is a valley with a stream of sweet water in the sandy waste; and Müller, in his map to illustrate the Coast-describer (Tab. in Geog. Graec. Min. Par. 1855), places Amaraea at Ras-al-Hamrak, where Admiral Smyth (Mediterranean, p. 456) marks cove ruins, and Admiral Beechey (Exped. to N. Coast of Africa, p. 72) the ruins of several baths with tesselated pavements, to the W. of which there is a stream flowing from the Wady Mata.


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