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Eth. OROMARSACI a people of North Gallia, whose position is thus described by Pliny (4.100.17), who is proceeding in his description from the Schelde southwards:--“Deinde Menapii, Morini, Oromansaci juncto pago qui Gessoriacus vocatur.” In Harduin‘s text the name is written Oromansaci, and yet he says that the MSS. have Oromarsaci. The name is otherwise unknown. D'Anville supposes that the name Oro-marsaci is represented by the name of a tract of country between Calais and Gravelines, which is Mark or Merk, and borders on the Boulonnois, in which the pagus Gessoriacus was. [GESSORIACUM.] This is mere guess, but it is all that we can have.


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