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ORO´SPEDA ( Ὀρόσπεδα, Strab. iii. p.161, seq.), called by Ptolemy Ortospeda (Ὠρτόσπεδα, 2.6.21), a mountain chain in Hispania Tarraconensis, the direction of which is described under HISPANIA [Vol. I. p. 1086]. It is only necessary to add here the following particulars. It is the highest inland mountain of Spain (11,000 feet), at first very rugged and bald, but becoming wooded as it approaches the sea at Calpe. It abounds in silver mines, whence we find part of it called Mons Argentarius. [ARGEINTARIUS MONS.] It is the present chain of Sierra del Mundo, as far as Sierra de Alcarez and Sierra de Ronda.


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