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PARACHOATRAS ( Παραχοάθρας, Ptol. 6.2.3, 4.1), the great south-eastern chain of the Taurus, which under various names extended from the Caspian Sea to the province of Persis The portion so called appears to have been the central part between the mountains of Media Atropatene on the N. and those of Persis on the S. Of this portion M. Orontes (now Elwend) was the most considerable. Ancient geographers are not clear as to the extent to which the local names prevailed. Thus Strabo evidently places the Parachoathras far to the N., and seems to have considered it a prolongation of the Anti-Taurus in the direction of N. Media and Hyrcania (xi. pp. 511, 514, 522). Ptolemy seems to have considered it a continuation towards the S. of the portion of the Anti-Taurus which was called M. Jasonius.


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