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PEPU´ZA (Πέπουζα), a town in the western part of Phrygia, which is mentioned only by late writers. It gave its name to an obscure body of heretics noticed by Epiphanius (Haeres. 48.14): but they did not exist long, since their town was ruined and deserted when he wrote. (Comp. Philostorg. [p. 2.575]Hist. Eccl. 4.8, where it is called Petusa; Aristaen. Comm. in Can. 8, where its name is Pezusa.) Kiepert (ap. Franz, Fünf Inschriftern, p. 33) believes that its site may possibly be marked by the ruins found by Arundell (Discoveries in As. Min. i. pp. 101, 127) near Besh-Shehr and Kalinkefi, in the south of Ushak.


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