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PHAZE´MON (Φαζημών), a small town in the west of Pontus, south of Gazelonitis, and north of Amasia; it contained hot mineral springs, which, according to Hamilton (Researches, i. p. 333), are the modern baths of Cauvsa. (Strab. xii. pp. 553, 560, 561.) Pompey, after his victory over Mithridates, planted a colony there, and changed its name into Neapolis, from which the whole district was called Neapolitis, having previously been called Phazemonitis. (Strab. xii. p.560; Steph. B. sub voce Φαμιζών, for thus the name is erroneously written.) Phazemon is generally supposed to correspond in situation with the modern town of Mazifun or Marsifun. [L. S.

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