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PLITHANA (τὰ Πλίθανα, Arrian, Per. Mar. Erythr. p. 29, Huds., p. 294, ed. C. Müller, who reads Παίθανα), an important emporium in the Dachinabades in India, from which many onyx stones were exported. It is called by Ptolemy (7.1.82) Baethana (Βαίθανα), the royal residence of Siroptolemaeus. In Pracrit it is also called Paithana, in Sanscrit Prathisthana; it is the modern town of Pythan, or Pultanah upon the river Godaveri. (Vincent, Voyage of Nearchus, vol. ii. p. 412; Lassen, Ind. Alterth. vol. i. p. 177 ; C. Müller, ad Geogr. Graec. Min. vol. i. p. 294.)

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