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POECILE (Ποικίλη), a rock on the coast of Cilicia, near the mouth of the Calycadnus, and on the east of Cape Sarpedon, across which a flight of steps cut in the rock led from Cape Zephyrium to Seleuceia. (Strab. xiv, p. 670 ; Stadiasm. Mar. M. § 161.) Its distance of 40 stadia from the Calycadnus will place it about Pershendi. Instead of any steps in the rock, Beaufort here found extensive ruins of a walled town, with temples, arcades, aqueducts, and tombs, built round a small level, which had some appearance of having once been a harbour with a narrow opening to the sea. An inscription copied by Beaufort from a tablet over the eastern gate of the ruins accounts for the omission of any notice of this town by Strabo and others ; for the inscription states it to have been entirely built by Fluranius, archon of the eparchia of Isauria, in the reigns of Valentinian, Valens, and Gratian.


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