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POMPEIO´POLIS (Πομπηιούπολις), a town of Paphlagonia, on the southern bank of the river Amnias, a tributary of the Halys (Strab. xii. p.562; Steph. B. sub voce. Its name seems to indicate that it was founded by Pmpey the Great. In the Itineraries it is marked as 27 miles from Sinope; according to which its site may be looked for in the valley of the Amnias, about the modern Tash Kupri, where Captain Kinneir (p. 286) found some ancient remains. In the vicinity of the place was a great mine of the mineral called Sandarach. (Strab. l.c.) Pompeiopolis is often referred to by late writers as an episcopal see of Paphlagonia (Socrat. 2.39, &c.; Hierocl. p. 695; Constant. Porph. de Them. 1.7; Justinian, Novell. 29.1; Tab. Peuting.).

The name Pompeiopolis was borne temporarily by several towns, such as SOLI in Cilicia, AMISUS and EUPATORIA in Cappadocia, as well as by POMPELON in Tarraconensian Spain.


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