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PSEBO´A or PSEBO (Ψεβώα, Strab. xvii. p.822; Ψεβώ, Steph. B. sub voce the modern Tsana, one of the enormous lakes S. of Meroë, which feed the principal tributaries of the Nile. The 10th parallel of N. latitude nearly bisects the lake Pseboa. According to Stephanus, it was five days' journey from Aethiopia, i. e. from Axume. In the centre of the lake was a populous island--a depôt of the ivory trade, and frequented also by the hunters of the Hippopotamus, the hides of which animal were exported to Aegypt, and employed as coverings for shields. On the E. and S. the lake was encompassed by lofty mountains, which abounded in mineral wealth (Theophrast. de Lapid. p. 695, ed. Schneider), and whose periodical torrents, according to Agatharchides (100.5. ap. Hudson, Geogr. Min.) poured their waters over the plains of the Troglodytes.


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