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QUADRA´TAE a village or station in Gallia Cisalpina, on the road from Augusta Taurinorum to Ticinum. The Itineraries place it 22 or 23 miles from the former city and 16 or 19 from Rigomagus (Itin. Ant. pp. 340, 356; Itin. Hier. p. 557); but the latter station is itself of uncertain site. Quadratae must have been situated between Chivasso [p. 2.690]and Crescentino, near the confluence of the Dora Baltea with the Po; but the exact site has not been determined. Though the name is not mentioned by any of the geographers, it would seem to have been in the later ages of the Empire a place or station of importance, as we learn from the Notitia that a body of troops (Sarmatae Gentiles) was permanently stationed there. (Notit. Dign. vol. ii. p. 121.)


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