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Ῥαμανῖται. Strab.xvi. p. 782), supposed by Mr. Forster to be identical with the Rhabanitae of Ptolemy (Ῥαβανιταί, 6.7.24), whom that geographer places under Mount Climax. He says “their common position, north of Mount Climax, concurs with the resemblance of the two names to argue the identity” (Geog. of Arabia, vol. i. p. 68, note) ; but it is by no means clear that the Rhamanitae lay near Mount Climax. All that Strabo says of them is, that Marsiaba, the limit of the expedition of Aelius Gallus, the siege of which he was forced to raise for want of water, lay in the country of the Rhamanitae; but nothing in geography is more difficult to determine than the situation of that town. [MARSYABA.]


A people of the same name is mentioned by Pliny, as existing on the Persian Gulf, identical with the Anariti of Ptolemy and the EPIMARANITAE [G.W]

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