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(Eth. Ricinensis: Ru. near Macerata), a municipal town of Picenum, situated on a hill above the right bank of the river Potentia (Potenza), about 15 miles from the sea. Pliny is the only geographer that mentions it (3.13. s. 18); but the “ager Ricinensis” is noticed also in the Liber Coloniarum (p. 226), and we learn from an inscription that it received a colony under the emperor Severus, and assumed in consequence the title of “Colonia Helvia Ricina” (Orell. Inscr. 915; Cluver. Ital. p. 739.) Its ruins are still visible, and include the remains of a theatre and other buildings. They are situated about 3 miles from Macerata, and 6 from Recanati, which has preserved the traces of the ancient name, though it does not occupy the ancient site. (Holsten. Not. ad Cluver. p. 137.) The Tabula correctly places it at a distance of 12 miles from Septempeda (S. Severino.) (Tab. Peut.


A small town on the coast of Liguria, mentioned only in the Tabula, which places it on the coast to the E. of Genoa. It is commonly identified with Recco, a town about 12 miles from Genoa, but the Tabula gives the distance as only 7, so that the identification is very doubtful. (Tab. Pent.; Geogr. Rav. 4.32.) [E.H.B]

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