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SALODU´RUM in Gallia, is placed in the Antonine Itin. x. from Petinesca [PETINESCA], and the distance from Salodurum to Augusta Rauracorum (Angst near Basle) is xxii. Salodurum is Solothurn, as the Germans call it, or Soleure, and though the distance between Basle and Solothurn is somewhat less than that in the Itins., this may be owing to the passage over the hills which separate the cantons of Basle and Solothurn. It is said that there are Roman remains at Soleure, and an inscription of the year B.C. 219, “Vico Salod.” , has been found there. Salodurum is one of the towns of the Helvetii with a Celtic termination (dur). Cluver conjectured that Ptolemy's Ganodurum [GANODUBUM] might be Salodurum. (D'Anville, Notice, &c; Ukert, Gallien.)


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