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VASADA (Οὐάσαδα), a town of Lycaonia, a little to the south-west of Laodiceia (Ptol. 5.4.10; Hierocl. p. 675; Cone. Chalced. p. 674, where it is miswritten Οὔσαδα; Conc. Const. iii. p. 675, where it bears the name of Ἀάσαδα). Its site is probably marked by the ruins near Channur Chanah, between Ilgun and Ladik. (Hamilton, Researches, ii. p. 190, in the Journ. of the Roy. Geogr. Soc. viii. p. 144; Kiepert, in Franz, Fünf Inschriften, p. 36.)


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