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VERULAE (Eth. Verulanus: Veroli), a city of the Hernici, but included in Latium in the more extensive sense of that name, situated in the Apennines N. of the valley of the Sacco, between Alatrium and the valley of the Liris. It was apparently one of the chief cities of the Hernici, and was certainly a member of the Hernican League: but its name is not mentioned separately in history till the final war of that people with Rome, in B.C. 306. On that occasion the citizens of Verulae, together with those of Alatrium and Ferentinum, took part against the Anagnians, and refused to join in the hostilities against Rome. For this reason they were rewarded after the termination of the war by being left in possession of their own laws and magistrates, which they preferred to receiving the Roman “civitas.” (Liv. 9.42, 43.) The period at which they ultimately became Roman citizens is uncertain. Florus vaguely asserts that a triumph had been celebrated over the people of Verulae (Flor. 1.11.6), but this is probably a mere rhetorical flourish: there is no occasion known in history to which it can be referred. Under the Roman dominion Verulae became a quiet and somewhat obscure country town. According to the Liber Coloniarum it received a body of colonists in the time of the Gracchi, and again under the reign of Nerva. But it is probable that it always retained its municipal rank. It is mentioned by Pliny among the municipal towns of the Fifth Region (Plin. Nat. 3.5. s. 9), but is not again noticed in history. Its secluded position probably rendered it a place of small importance. The [p. 2.1281]ancient site is still occupied by the modern town of Veroli, which retains also some portions of the ancient walls in the polygonal or Cyclopean style. (Westphal, Röm. Kamp. p. 87; Abeken, Mittel-Italien, p. 147.)


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