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VINDOBO´NA or VENDOBONA (Οὐινδόβουνα: Vienna), a town on the Danube in Upper Pannonia, was originally a Celtic place, but afterwards became a Roman municipium, as we learn from inscriptions. (Gruter, Inscript. p. 4.) This town, which according to Ptolemy (2.15.3) for some time bore the name of Juliobona (Ἰουλιόβονα), was situated at the foot of Mons Cetius, on the road running along the right bank of the river, and in the course of time became one of the most important military stations on the Danube; for after the decay of Carnuntum it was not only the station of the principal part of the Danubian fleet, but also of the Legio x. Gemina. (It. Ant. pp. 233, 248, 261, 266; Tab. Peut.; Aurel. Vict. de Caes. 16; Agathem. 2.4; Jornand. Get. 50, where it is called Vindomina.) Vindobona suffered severely during the invasion of the Huns under Attila, yet continued to be a flourishing place, especially under the dominion of the Longobards. (Jornand. l.c.) It is well known that the emperor M. Aurelius died at Vindobona. (Aurel. Vict. de Caes. 16, Epit. 18; comp. Fischer, Brevis Notitia Urbis Vindobonae, Vindobonae, 1767; Von Hormayr, Geschichte Wiens, i. p. 43, fell.; Muchar, Norikum, vol. i. p. 166, foll.)


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