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AEGITHALLUS (Αἰγίφαλλος, Diod.; Αἰγίθαλος, Zonar.; Αἰγίθαρος, Ptol.) a promontory on the W. coast of Sicily, near Lilybaeum, which was occupied and fortified by the Roman consul L. Junius during the First Punic War (B.C. 249), with a view to support the operations against Lilybaeum, but was recovered by the Carthaginian general Carthalo, and occupied with a strong garrison. Diodorus tells us it was called in his time ACELLUM, but it is evidently the same with the Αἰγίθαρος ἄκρα of Ptolemy, which he places between Drepanum and Lilybaeum; and is probably the headland now called Capo S. Teodoro, which is immediately opposite to the island of Burrone. (Diod. xxiv. Exc. H. p. 50; Zonar. 8.15: Ptol. 3.4.4; Cluver. Sicil. p. 248.)


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