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Eth. BITU´RIGES VIVISCI Strabo (p. 190) says that the Garonne flows between the Bituriges called Iosci and the Santones, both of which are Celtic nations; for this nation of the Bituriges is the only people of a different race that is settled among the Aquitani, and is not reckoned among them; and they have for their place of trade Burdigala (Bordeaux). Caesar does not name them. In Pliny (4.19) the name is Ubisci, and in Ptolemy it is Vibisci in the old Latin translation. Ausonius (Mosella, 5.438) has the form Vivisci: “Vivisca ducens ab origine gentem.” An inscription is also mentioned as having been found at Bordeaux, with the words: “Genio civitatis Bit. Viv.;” but it is of doubtful authority. Ptolemy mentions another city of the Vivisci, which he calls Noviomagus; but the site is uncertain.

The limits of the old diocese of Bordeaux are said to indicate the extent of the territory of the Vivisci, part of which was east of the Garonne. It was included in the present department of Gironda. Pliny calls these Bituriges also “liberi.” It was a wine country in the Roman period, as it is now.


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