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Eth. GA´BALI or GABALES (Γαβάλεις, Strab. p. 191). “The Ruteni and the Gabales,” says Strabo, “border on the Narbonitis.” In Caesar's time the Gabali were under the supremacy of the Arverni. (B. G. 7.75.) In another passage, he speaks of the “Gabalos proximosque pagos Arvernorum” (B. G. 7.64). Their position is in a mountainous country between the Arverni and the Helvii. It corresponds to the Gévaudan of the ante-revolutionary history of France, a name derived from the middle-age term Gavaldanum, and nearly to the present department of Lozère.: There were silver mines in the country of the Ruteni and Gabali (Strabo). The cheese of this country was famed at Rome (Plin. Nat. 11.42); it came from the “Lesorae Gabalicique pagi.” The Lesora is the mountain Lozère. Sidonius Apollonaris (Carm. 24.27) says, “Tum terram Gabalum satis nivosam.”

A large part of it is a cold, mountainous country. The chief town of the Gabali, according to Ptolemy, is Anderitum. [ANDERITUM]


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