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Sabbato), a river of Samnium, in the country of the Hirpini, and one of the tributaries of the Calor (Calore), with which it unites under the walls of Beneventum. [CALOR] The name of the river is not found in any ancient author, but Livy mentions the Sabatini among the Campanians who were punished for their defection to Hannibal in the Second Punic War. (Liv. 26.33, 34.) These may mean generally the people of the valley of Sabatus, or there may have been, as supposed by Cluver, a town of the same name on the banks of the river. (Cluver. Ital. p. 1199.)


Savuto), a river of Bruttium, on the W. coast of the peninsula, flowing into the sea between Amantea and Capo Suvero. Its name is known only from the Itineraries, from which we learn that it was crossed by the high-road to Rhegium 18 miles S. of Consentia (Cosenza), a distance which, combined with the name, clearly identifies it with the modern Savuto. (Itin. Ant. pp. 105, 110.) It is generally identified by geographers with the Ocinarus of Lycophron, on the banks of which the Greek city of Terina was situated; but this assumption rests on no sufficient grounds. [TERINA] [E.H.B]

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