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Eth. SCORDISCI (Eth. Σκορδίσκοι), a powerful Celtic tribe, in the southern part of Lower Pannonia, between the rivers Savus, Dravus, and Danubius. They and the Boii were overpowered by the Dacians. (Strab. vii. pp. 293, 313.) Some call them an Illyrian tribe, because, living on the borders of Illyricum, they were much mixed up with them. They were in the end greatly reduced by their struggles with the Dacians and the Triballi, so that when they came in contact with the Romans they were easily subdued. (Appian, App. Ill. 3; Liv. 41.23; Justin, 32.3; Plin. Nat. 3.28; Ptol. 2.16.3.) In Pannonia they seem to have gradually become assimilated to the Pannonians, whence in later times they disappear from history as a distinct nation or tribe.


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