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TEUTHRO´NE (Τευθρώνη), a town of Laconia, situated upon the western side of the Laconian gulf, 150 stadia from Cape Taenarum. It was said to have been founded by the Athenian Teuthras. The chief deity worshipped here was Artemis Issoria. It had a fountain called Naia. Its ruins exist at the village of Kotrónes, and its citadel occupied a small peninsula, called Skopos, Skopia or Skopópolis. The distance assigned by Pausanias of 150 stadia from Teuthrone to Cape Taenarum is, according cording to the French Commission, only from 8 to 10 stadia ill excess. Augustus made Teuthrone one of the Eleuthero-Laconian towns. (Paus. 3.21.7, 3.25.4; Ptol. 3.16.9; Boblaye, Recherches, &c. p. 89; Curtius, Peloponnsesos, vol. ii. p. 276.)

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