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THY´MBRIUS (Θύμβριος), a small river of Troas in the neighbourhood of Ilium; it was a tributary of the Scamander, and on its banks stood the town of Thymbra (Strab. xiii. p.598; Eustath. ad Hom. Il. 10.430.) There still exists in that district a small river called Timbrek, which, however, does not flow into the Scamander, but into a bay of the sea; if this be the ancient Thymbrius, the plain of Thymbra must have been at a considerable distance from> Ilium. For this reason, Col. Leake is inclined to identify the Thymbrius rather with the Kamara Su, which still is a tributary of the Scamander or Hendere Su (Asia Minor, p. 289.)


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