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TINU´RTIUM in Gallia, is placed in the Itins. near the Saône, between Cabillonum (Challon) and Matisco (Mâcon). The Antonine Itin. marks M.P. xxi., leugas xiiii. between Cabillonum and Tinurtium, which is Tournus. The Table gives only xii., which appears to be nearer the truth. The two Itins. do not agree in the distance between Tinurtium and Matisco. Spartianus (Vita Septim. Severi, 100.11) says that Severus defeated Clodius Albinus at Tinurtium, or Trinurtium, for the reading is perhaps doubtful. (Is. Casaubon, in Aelium Spartianum notae). Dion (75.100.6), Herodian (3.7), and Eutropius (8.18) speak of Clodius Albinus being defeated by Severus at or near Lugdunum (Lyon). The name Tinurtium appears to be sometimes miswritten Tiburtium.


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