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TOLENTI´NUM or TOLLENTI´NUM (Eth. Tolentinas, ātis: Tolentino), a town of Picenum, in the valley of the Flusor or Chienti, about 12 miles below Camerinum (Camerino). It is mentioned by Pliny among the municipal towns of Picenum, and its municipal rank is attested by the Liber Coloniarum, which mentions the “ager Tolentinus,” and by inscriptions. (Plin. Nat. 3.13. s. 18; Lib. Col. pp. 226, 259; Orell. Inscr. 2474; Gruter, Inscr. pp. 194. 2, 410. 2.) The modern city of Tolentino, which retains the ancient site as well as name, is situated on the present highroad from Rome to Ancona; but as no ancient road descended the valley of the Flusor, the name is not found in the Itineraries.


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