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TRINA´SUS (Τρινασός, Paus. 3.22.3; Τρίνασσος, Ptol. 3.16.9), a town or rather fortress of Laconia, situated upon a promontory near the head of the Laconian gulf, and 30 stadia above Gythium. It is opposite to three small rocks, which gave their name to the place. The modern village is for the same reason still called Trínisa (Τὰ Τρίνησα). There are considerable remains of the ancient walls. The place was built in a semi-circular form, and was not more than 400 or 500 yards in circuit. (Leake, Morea, vol. i. p. 232; Boblaye, Recherches, &c. p. 94; Ross, Wanderungen in Griechenland, vol. ii. p. 239; Curtius, Peloponnesos, vol. ii. p. 287.)

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