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UFENS (Ufente), a river of Latium, rising at the foot of the Volscian mountains, and flowing through the Pontine Marshes, whence its course is slow and stagnant, and it is described by both Virgil and Silius Italicus, as a sluggish and muddy stream. (Verg. A. 7.801; Sil. Ital 8.382.) Claudian also calls it “tardatus suis erroribus Ufens.” (Prob. et ol. Cons. 257.) It joins the Amasenus (still called Amaseno) during its course through the marshes to the sea at Terracina, but the present channels of both rivers are artificial, and it is uncertain certain whether they united their streams in ancient times or not. The name is corrupted by Strabo into Aufidus (Αὔφιδος. v. p. 233), but he correctly describes it as one of the chief agents in the formation of the Pontine Marshes. The ancient form of the name was Oufens, whence the Roman tribe Oufentina derived its name, being composed originally of citizens settled in the territory and neighbourhood of Privernum (Fest. s. v. Oufentina, p. 194).


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