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ZA´BATUS (Ζάβατος), a river of Assyria, first noticed by Xenophon (Xen. Anab. 2.5.1, 3.3.6), and the same as the Lycus of Polybius (5.51), Arrian (Arr. Anab. 3.15), and Strabo (ii. p.79, xvi. p. 737). It is called Zabas by Ammianus (18.14) and Zerbis by Pliny (6.26. s. 30). There can be no doubt that it is now represented by the Greater Záb, a river of considerable size, which, rising in the mountains on the confines of Armenia and Kurdistán, flows into the Tigris a little to the S. of the great mound of Nimrúd (Tavernier, 2.100.7; Layard, Nineveh and its Remains, i. p. 192.)


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