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In all kinds of Exclamations the Accusative is as common as the Genitive (cf. 6 above; e.g. Most. 912di immortales, mercimoni lepidi!”) is rare. Examples are: often without any Interjection, e.g. Often we find a construction of this kind: Amph. 882durare nequeo in aedibus. ita me probri, stupri, dedecoris a viro argutam meo!”, Mil. 837bono subpromo et promo cellam creditam!” Beside the common exclamation gerrae! (e.g. Trin. 760) we find the Accusative nugas! (e.g. Most. 1087, Pers. 718, etc.). The ellipse of dicis or fabularis is suggested by

A. quid dare velis qui istaec tibi investiget indicetque?
eloquere propere celeriter. B. nummos trecentos. A. tricas!
B. quadrigentos. A. tramas putidas! B. quingentos. A. cassam glandem!
B. sescentos. A. curculiunculos minutos fabulare.

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