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πρός, προτί, ποτί : I. adv., thereto, in addition; πρὸς δ᾽ ἄρα πηδάλιον ποιήσατο, ‘to it,’ ‘for it,’ Od. 5.255 ; ποτὶ δ᾽ αὖ καὶ ἐγείρομεν ἄλλους, besides, Il. 10.108; with a specifying case of a subst. in the same clause, ποτὶ δὲ σκῆπτρον βάλε γαίῃ (local gen.), threw it to (‘down,’ we should say) on the ground, Il. 1.245.—II. prep., (1) w. gen., with reference to motion either toward or from some direction, (ι?κετο) ἠὲ πρὸς ἠοίων ἑσπερίων ἀνθρώπων, ‘from,’ Od. 8.29 ; προτὶ πτόλιος πέτετ᾽ α?εί, ‘toward,’ Il. 22.198; as of origin, source, ἀκούειν τι πρός τινος, Il. 6.525; hence to denote mastery, authority, διδάσκεσθαι πρός τινος, Il. 11.831; πρὸς ἄλλης ὑφαίνειν, ‘at the command of,’ Il. 6.456 ; πρὸς Διός εἰσι ξεῖνοι, ‘under the protection of,’ Od. 6.207; ‘in the eyes of,’ ‘before,’ ‘by,’ in oaths and entreaties, Il. 1.399, Il. 19.188, Od. 13.324.—(2) w. dat., to, at, on, besides, Od. 10.68.—(3) w. acc., to, toward, at, upon, with verbs of motion, and very freq. w. verbs of saying, so ὀμνύναι πρός τινα, Od. 14.331; of hostile action, μάχεσθαι πρὸς Τρῶας, with, against, Il. 17.471 ; πρὸς ῥόον, up stream, Il. 21.303; fig., πρὸς δαίμονα, Il. 17.98, 104.—Of time, ποτὶ ἕσπερα, ‘towards evening,’ Od. 17.191.
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