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§ 43. I now felt how great an advantage it is for a man to be a hypocrite; it was owing to my own simple and natural manner of life that I was treated with contempt and thus suffered this wrong. However, there was no help for it now, so I surrendered the slave to be tortured by the plaintiff himself.

τὸ καταπεπλάσθαι τὸν βίον opp. to ὰπλῶς καὶ ὡς πέφυκα ζῆν. Cf. 45 § 68 πέπλασται opp. to ἁπλῶς, ὡς πεφύκασι, and Aristides ii 524 Dind. καταπεπλασμένους οὕτω τὸν βίον. The manuscript reading is τὸ καταπεπλῆχθαι τὸν βίον, ‘quae sic, opinor, vertenda: quantum sit lucrum sycophantae ita vivere, ut alii metu eius percellantur; ut sarcastica sit notatio morum calumniatoris’ (G. H. Schaefer); ‘what an immense advantage it is to intimidate people by your style of conduct’ (Kennedy). 21 (Mid.) § 194 κακῶς λέγων . καταπλήξειν ᾤετο τὸν δῆμον άπαντα. Those who insert μὴ before καταπεπλῆχθαι make the phrase = τὸ μὴ καταπλῆγα εἶναι (Arist. Eth. N. ii 7), ‘the not being shy.’ S]

ἀνεχόμενος] ὑπομένων. By patiently enduring all this impudence from him. He wished to be thought μέτριος and ἐπιεικής, but found himself despised as ἅψυχος.

ὅτι δ᾽ οὖν ‘However, as I should have been compelled (lit. as I was being forced by the circumstances) to give a counter-challenge contrary to what I thought was right and fair, I did even offer to give up my slave.’ If he had declined to act on this πρόκλησις, duly signed and sealed as it was, he would have had to make another on his part, and one which would have been equally against his own sense of right (οὐχ ὡς δίκαιον, sup. 41). For δ᾽ οὖν, ‘be that as it may,’ cf. Or. 56 § 10 πέρας δ᾽ οὖνἐξαιρεῖται τον σῖτον, where δ᾽ οὖν leaves the truth of a previous statement undetermined.

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