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πρότερος λέγειν Cf. Isocr. παραγραφὴ πρὸς Καλλίμαχον § 1 φεύγων τὴν δίκην πρότερος λέγω τοῦ διώκοντος. Cf. Or. 34 § 4 κατηγορεῖν τοῦ διώκοντος, and ibid. § 1 ἐν τῷ μέρει λεγόντων. Meier and Schomann, p. 250 Lips.—προλαβὼν = φθάσας, ‘having got the advantage of me.’

εὐθυδικίᾳ εἰσιέναι We might expect the acc. as in Or. 34 § 4 εὐθυδικίαν εἰσιόντα, οὐ κατηγορεῖν τοῦ διώκοντος (cf. Or. 36 Arg. l. 25 ἅπτεται τῆς εὐθείας n.); but the dat. is found in Isaeus, Or. 6 (Philoctem.) §§ 3, 43, 52 μὴ διαμαρτυρίᾳ κωλύειν ἀλλ᾽ εὐθυδικίᾳ εἰσιέναι, and § 59. Cf. Wyse on Isaeus 6 § 3.

τὴν ἐπωβελίαν The legal fine of one-sixth of the amount claimed (lit. one obol in each drachma, or 6 obols), inflicted on the plaintiff in private suits (see on Or. 56 § 4) if he failed to secure a fifth part of the votes. In the present case, Apoll. had to pay, in addition to costs, a sixth part of 20 talents, 3tal. 20mna.=£666, if (with Goodwin) we reckon the talent at £200. (Boeckh, Publ. Econ. Book III chap. 10, pp. 473, 482 trans. Lamb.)—For οὐδὲ λόγου τυχεῖν cf. § 19 ἀπεκλείσθην τοῦ λόγου τυχεῖν. Haec verba non idem valent quod quae antecedunt φωνὴνἀκούειν, sed Apollodorus, quia causa ceciderat, actione principali desistere coactus est (Huettner).

ὑβρισθεὶς κ.τ.λ. Or. 21 § 6 ὑβρισμένος οἷ᾽ οὐκ οἶδ᾽ εἴ τις ἄλλος, cf. 54 § 43.

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