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ἐπαποθανεῖν. This and 208 D are the only classical instances cited of this compound; nor does there seem to be another class. instance of ὑπεραγασθῆναι.

Αἰσχύλος δὲ φλυαρεῖ. The reference is to Aesch. Myrmidons (fr. 135, 136 N.). Sophocles, too, wrote an Ἀχιλλέως Ἐρασταί: cp. also Xen. Symp. VIII. 31. Achilles, like Asclepius and others, was worshipped in some places (e.g. Epirus) as a god, in others (e.g. Elis) as a hero.

ἀλλ̓ ἄρα καὶ . “Ἄρα h. l. stare potest, valet: nimirum” (Wyttenbach): for ἄρα affirmative in a universal statement, cp. 177 E, Rep. 595 A. To alter to ἅμα, as Burnet, is unnecessary.

καλλίων. For the beauty of Achilles, see Il. II. 673. Ov. Trist. II. 411 refers to Sophocles' play—“nec nocet auctori mollem qui fecit Achillem”: cp. Lucian dial. mort. 18. 1.

ἀγένειος. The hero is so represented in art; and the Schol. ad Il. I. 131 applies to him the epithet γυναικοπρόσωπος. Similarly Apollo, in Callim. H. II. 36 f. οὔποτε Φοίβου | θηλείησ᾽ οὐδ᾽ ὅσσον ἐπὶ χνόος ἦλθε παρειαῖς.

νεώτερος. See Il. XI. 786 γενέῃ μὲν ὑπέρτερός ἐστιν Ἀχιλλεύς | πρεσβύτερος δὲ σύ (sc. Πάτροκλος) ἐσσι: and Schol. ad Il. XXIII. 94. For the relative ages of παιδικά and ἐραστής, see 181 B ff. below; Xen. Anab. II. 6. 28 αὐτὸς δὲ (sc. Meno) παιδικὰ εἶχε Θαρύπαν ἀγένειος ὢν γενειῶντα (mentioned as an enormity); Ov. Met. X. 83 ff.

μάλιστα μὲν...μᾶλλον μέντοι. This savours of a Hibernicism: cp. Gorg. 509 B μέγιστον τῶν κακῶν...καὶ ἔτι τούτου μεῖζον.

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