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τούτων αὖ κτλ. Here the main statement is resumed. With Stephens (followed by Ast, Rückert and Hug) I read ἐπιθυμῇ, whereas Burnet prints ἐπιθυμεῖ. ζητεῖ δὴ κτλ., with commas after ψυχὴν and ἡλικίας. Stallb. takes καί as intensive rather than connective, and renders θεῖος ὤν “quippe divinus.” Burnet adopts Parmentier's ᾔθεος, but there seems little point in emphasizing the celibacy of the youth. If alteration be required, the best would be ἔνθεος, for which cp. 179 A, 180 B. But in Meno 99 C ff. θεῖος, in much the same sense as ἔνθεος, is applied to the very classes here mentioned—ὀρθῶς ἂν καλοῖμεν θείους τε, οὓς νῦν δὴ ἐλέγομεν χρησμῳδοὺς καὶ μάντεις καὶ τοὺς ποιητικοὺς ἅπαντας: καὶ τοὺς πολιτικοὺς...φαῖμεν ἂν θείους τε εἶναι καὶ ἐνθουσιάζειν κτλ. (see Thompson ad loc.): hence the word may well be sound here also. For τῆς ἡλικίας (and θεῖος) cp. 206 C.

ζητεῖ...περιιὼν. Cp. Prot. 348 D περιιὼν ζητεῖ ὅτῳ ἐπιδείξηται: Rep. 620 C: Apol. 23 B. περιιέναι occurs also in 193 A, 219 E.

ἐν τῷ γὰρ αἰσχρῷ. A repetition of 206 C: cp. Rep. 402 D, Phaedrus 253 A ff.

καὶ ἂν...εὐφυεῖ. Notice the iambic rhythm. For the sense of γενναῖος, “well-bred” (of a dog, Rep. 375 A), cp. (Eurip. ap.) Gorg. 485 E. For εὐφυής also cp. (Eurip. ap.) Gorg. 484 C ff.; Rep. 409 E. Cp. for the sense Plotin. de pulcr. 309 (Cr.); Rep. 620 B; Cic. Lael. 14; and esp. Phaedrus 276 E.

τὸ ξυναμφότερον. Cp. I. Alc. 130 A ψυχὴν σῶμα ξυναμφότερον.

εὐπορεῖ λόγων. Cp. 223 A; Tim. 26 D ἵνα εὐποροῖεν λόγων μετ᾽ ἐμοῦ.

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