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τὴν τούτου...κεφαλήν. “Incipit Alc. dicere τὴν τούτου κεφαλήν, quod priusquam elocutus est, sentit nimis languidum esse; inde revertitur quasi ac denuo progreditur, positis verbis ταυτηνὶ τὴν θ. κ.” (Rückert). Perhaps as Alc. says these words (notice the deictic ταυτηνί) he playfully strokes the head of Socr. τούτου is expanded by Jowett into “of this universal despot.”

νικῶντα. The present symposium was part of Agathon's epinikian celebration (see 174 A), and his victory also was gained by λόγοι (cp. 194 B).

ἔπειτα. Tamen, “yet after all,” i.e. in spite of the fact of his perpetual victoriousness. Cp. Prot. 319 D, 343 D.

κατακλίνεσθαι. Ever since he first discovered Socrates, Alcibiades had been standing (see 213 B ad fin. ἀναπηδῆσαι).

Εἶεν δή. “Come now”: “die Worte enthalten hier eine Aufforderung” (Rettig). Cp. 204 C, Phaedo 95 A. The question to drink or not to drink is now resumed from 213 A ad init.

οὐκ ἐπιτρεπτέον. “This can't be allowed”: cp. Rep. 379 A and 219 C infra.

ὡμολόγηται κτλ. See 212 E f.

ἄρχοντα...τῆς πόσεως. “As symposiarch”: cp. the Latin arbiter (magister) bibendi Hor. C. I. 4. 17, II. 7. 25. For the qualifications proper in such “archons,” see Laws 640 C ff.; and for other details, Smith D. A. II. 740 b ff. The emphatic position of ἐμαυτόν is to be noticed.

φερέτω, Ἀγάθων. Sc. παῖς: I adopt Burnet's improved punctuation, which renders further change needless.

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