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τὸν ψυκτῆρα. “Yonder wine-cooler.” Suid. ψυκτῆρα: κάδδον ποτήριον μέγα, ἀπὸ τοῦ θᾶττον ψύχεσθαι ἐν αὐτῷ τὴν κρᾶσιν: Poll. VI. 99 δὲ ψυκτὴρ πολυθρύλητος, ὃν καὶ δῖνον ἐκάλουν, ἐν ἦν ἄκρατος: οἱ πολλοὶ δὲ ἀκρατοφόρον αὐτὸν καλοῦσιν. οὐ μὴν ἔχει πυθμένα ἀλλ᾽ ἀστραγαλίσκους. Other names for it were πρόχυμα (Moeris, Schol. Ar. Vesp. 617) and κάλαθος (Hesych. s.v.): for details see Smith D. A. s.v. Psycter; cp. Xen. Mem. II. i. 30 ἵνα δὲ ἡδέως πίῃς,...τοῦ θέρους χιόνα περιθέουσα ζητεῖς: Xen. Symp. II. 23 ff.

ὀκτὼ κοτύλας. The κοτύλη or ἡμίνα (=6 κύαθοι) was 48 of a pint, so that 8 κοτύλαι are nearly equal to 2 quarts. For a ψυκτήρ this seems to have been a small size, since Athenaeus (v. 199) mentions ψυκτῆρες holding 18 to 54 gallons. Alcib. was not alone in his taste for an ἔκπωμα μέγα: cp. Anacr. 32 τρικύαθον κελέβην ἔχουσα: Alcaeus 41. 2 καδ᾽ δ᾽ ἄειρε κυλίχναις μεγάλαις: Xen. Symp. l.c. παῖς ἐγχεάτω μοι τὴν μεγάλην φιάλην: Gouffé (Le Verre) “Nous devons aux petites gens Laisser les petits verres.”

ἐμπλησάμενον. “Ast: implevisse. Immo implendum curasse” (Rückert).

ἐγχεῖν. Cp. Soph. fr. 149 D φορεῖτε, μασσέτω τις, ἐγχείτω βαθὺν κρητῆρα: Alcaeus 31. 4 ἔγχεε κίρναις ἕνα καὶ δύο κτλ.: Theogn. 487 σὺ δ᾽ ἔγχεε τοῦτο μάταιον | κωτίλλεις ἀεί: τοὔνεκά τοι μεθύεις. Notice that Alcib. adopts the order ἐπὶ δεξιά, see 175 E.

τὸ σόφισμά μοι οὐδέν. “My trick avails nothing.” For σόφισμα, “a witty invention,” cp. Lach. 183 D, Rep. 496 A; Aesch. P.V. 470. Alcib., with his σόφισμα, recals Eros the σοφιστής (203 D).

οὐδὲν...μεθυσθῇ. See Goodwin G.M.T. § 295. For Socrates' invincible head for wine, see also 176 C, 220 B, 223 C.

Πῶς οὖν...ποιοῦμεν. The present indic. differs from the subjunctive, “quod dicitur de eo quod revera iam fit, neque adhuc suscipiendum est” (Stallb.): contrast ἀλλὰ τί ποιῶμεν (deliberative) just below. For the indignant οὕτω cp. Hom. Il. II. 158 οὕτω δὴ οἶκόνδε...φεύξονται.

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