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ἄτρωτος. “Invulnerable on all sides”: cp. τετρῶσθαι 219 B. For the incorruptibility of Socr., shown by his sending back Alcib.'s presents, see Stob. Flor. XVII. 17, Ael. v. h. IX. 29.

σιδήρῳ Αἴας. For the impregnable seven-fold shield of Ajax, see Pind. Isthm. V. 45; Soph. Aj. 576; Welcker Kl. Schr. II. p. 267.

τε ᾤμην. Sc. τῇ ὥρᾳ (cp. 219 C): the antecedent, κατὰ τοῦτο (διαπεφ.), has to be supplied.

καταδεδουλωμένος. Cp. Euthyd. 303 C. Above, 215 E, we had ἀνδραποδωδῶς διακείμενος.

περιῇα. “I wandered about,” suggestive of aimless despair: cp. Prot. 348 D, Rep. 620 C: so περιτρέχων 173 A.

στρατεία...κοινῇ. Potidaea revolted from Athens in 435 B.C. and after 5 years of war was reduced in 430 (see Bury's Hist. Gr. pp. 392—3): Socr.'s part in the campaign is alluded to also in Apol. 28 E, Charm. 153 A, C: cp. Plut. adv. Colot. p. 1117 E.

συνεσιτοῦμεν. “We were mess-mates” (σύσσιτοι). This implies personal friendship rather than proximity of origin; for Socr. and Alcib. belonged to different φυλαί and to different τάξεις.

τοῖς πόνοις. Cp. 197 E (Ἔρως) ἐν πόνῳ...ἄριστος.

ἀποληφθέντες. “Cut off,” “a commeatu intercepti et prohibiti” (Stallb.): cp. Hdt. II. 115. 2; Thuc. VI. 22; Gorg. 522 A.

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