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εἴτε καὶ οὐ: in the second mem ber of a depend. alternative question (whether . . . or not) οὐ and μή are used indifferently; cf. l. 15 below; but in depend. nominal questions, distinguishing between what is and what is not, μή is used when the verb is not repeated, otherwise either οὐ or μή. For examples of nominal questions, cf. 314 a (l. 47), Xen. Mem. iii. 6. 10. See G. 283, 1, N.; H. 1022a.

τῷ . . . ξένῳ: when a subst. with the art. takes an attrib. modifier, a dem., esp. οὗτος, may be inserted after the modifier and before the noun. Cf. 338 a τὸ ἀκριβὲς τοῦτο εἶδος, Dem. VI. 21 αἱ πρὸς τοὺς τυράννους αὗται λίαν ὁμιλίαι, Plato Phil. 50 b ἐν τῇ τοῦ βίου ξυμπάσῃ τραγῳδίᾳ. From the point of view of the Athenians, ξένῳ places in a clearer light the inconsiderateness of Hippocrates, and here by its position it intensifies the reproach of Socrates.

ὄρθριος: temporal adj. for adv. Cf. Thuc. ii. 49. 4 διεφθείροντο οἱ πλεῖστοι ἐναταῖοι καὶ ἑβδομαῖοι ὑπὸ τοῦ ἐντὸς καύματος (on the ninth and the seventh day), Hom. A 424, 472, 497, α 443, and very freq. See Seymour Hom. Lang. and Verse § 38; G. 138, N. 7; H. 619.

ὡς ἤδη διεγνωκώς: as though you had already fully decided.

συνεστέον: σύνειμι is used, like συγγίγνομαι, with the meaning am (or become) one's pupil.

ὃν κτἑ.: cf. 310 e.

διείλεξαι: sc. αὐτῷ. Instead of the rel. repeated in a different case, a personal or dem. pron. is commonly used; or, as here, the pron. <*> be omitted altogether. See G. 156; H. 1005.

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