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33. 11. καταθήσεσθε—necessary correction of καταθῆσθε, will confer the favour on us. The met. is from investment of money. Cf. c. 128. 4.

12. ναυτικόν τε still depends on ὅτι.

15. καὶ (πρὸ πολλῆς) χάριτος—i.e. your gratitude would have been great even if you could only have gained this aceession of power for a large sum. Isocr. 13, 11; Dem. pro. 33.

[2] 16. δύναμινa power (powerful state), to be translated as subject of πάρεστιν.

18. φέρουσα ἐςproducing in the minds of others an impression of generosity, a feeling of gratitude in those whom ... . Notice the use of ἀρετή here.

23. ἀσφάλειαν—referring to ἰσχύν: κόσμον referring to ἀρετὴν καὶ χάριν.

[3] 1. ὑμετέρῳof you.

2. δυναμένους—Stahl takes this and ὄντας in apposition to Κορινθίους, and removes the second καί so that only προκαταλαμβάνοντας depends on αἰσθάνεται. It is better with Steup to render the first καί both, and to make ὄντας also depend on αἰσθάνεται: ‘and are preparing by trying to subdue us for an attack on you.’

5. κατ: αὐτοὺς ... στῶμενconfront them.

δυοῖν φθάσαι ἁμάρτωσιν—(1) ‘may not lose two things’ means may secure one or the other: hence ... following. (2) But the construction of φθάσαι and δυοῖν is doubtful. Taking δυοῖν dependent on ἁμάρτωσιν, as in Andoc. 1.20 δυοῖν τοῖν μεγίστοιν κακοῖν οὐκ ἦν αὐτῷ ἁμαρτεῖν, most cdd. make φθάσαι epexegetic, to gain them before (we make alliance). The order is against this, and φθάσαι should then=to gain one of them. It has been proposed to remove φθάσαι; but it is best, with Croiset, to take δυοῖν as dat.=‘fail to be beforehand with two things.’ Either they will inflict a disastrous defeat on Corcyra, or frighten her into joining themselves.

[4] 8. διδόντωνoffering, as frequently.

9. προεπιβουλεύειν ... ἀντεπιβουλεύειν — the jingle called paronomasia, to which Thuc. is partial; e.g. 6.76 οὐκ ἀξυνετωτέρου κακοξυνετωτέρου δέ.

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