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καὶ ἄλλους: i.e. the allies, a list of whom is given in ii. 9. § 2. The Corinthians would be esp. fitted for such service.—πολύ: cf. πολλὴ Σικελία, vii. 13. 16.

τὸ Κρητικὸν πέλαγος: the sea to the south and southeast from Peloponnesus. See on iv. 53. 13.—δἰ οὗ: per quod, i.e. on account of its greatness.—τῶν κρατούντων, τῶν βουλομένων: subjective gens.—ἀπορώτερος: on the masc. ending in the comp. of compound adjs., see on iii. 89. 21 and iv. 31. 15. Kr. Spr. § 23, 1, Rem.

λῆψις: in the sense of λαμβάνειν, as in c. 115. 5; vii. 25. 16.

τοῦδε: sc. τοῦ κατὰ θάλασσαν βοηθῆσαι ἡμῖν.

τοὺς λοιποὺς τῶν ξυμμάχων : esp. those on the Thracian coast. This, as the most important part of the Athenian empire, may be particularly referred to in τῆς οἰκειοτέρας ξυμμαχίδος of 7.—ὅσους μὴ ἐπῆλθε: such as he did not reach. The cond. rel. (with μή, not οὐ) is equiv. to εἴ τινας μὴ ἐπῆλθε. GMT. 61, 1; H. 913.

οὐ μᾶλλον : not so much as. See on i. 73. 17.

οἰκειοτέρας: this is opp. to τῆς μὴ προσηκούσης (not τῆς οὐ προσήκουσης, and therefore a general expression applicable to other places besides Melos; G. 283, 4; H. 1025 a), and belongs with both ξυμμαχίδος and γῆς. With προσηκούσης we should supply ξυμμαχίδος rather than γῆς, for it was as ξυμμαχίς that new territory was added to the Athenian empire. γῆς is then added as an afterthought: “not about territory which you hope to add to your empire without any right, but about your own empire and, for that matter, your own country.” Cl. supplies γῆς with μὴ προσηκούσης, and cites i. 13. 18; ii. 11. 20; 20. 17. Cf. also c. 111. 20. There is no difficulty in supplying γῆς, but the above explanation seems better. See App.

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