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The Boeotians take possession of Heraclea to protect it against the Athenians. Alcibiades, acting in concert with the Argives and their allies, tries to increase the power of the confederacy in Peloponnesus.

ἐφθείρετο: i.e. by its hostile neighbours. Cf. c. 51. 7.

παρέλαβον: i.e. in a friendly way, for protection (not κατέλαβον); but the Lacedaemonians regarded it differently.

ὡς οὐ καλῶς ἄρχοντα: about the misconduct of the Lacedaemonian governors in Heraclea complaints were made as early as iii. 93. 15, χαλεπῶς τε καὶ ἔστιν οὐ καλῶς ἐξηγούμενοι (sc. τῶν Λακεδαιμονίων οἱ ἀφικνούμενοι).

Λακεδαιμονίων τὰ κατὰ Πελοπόννησον θορυβουμένων: “since the Lacedaemonians had their hands full with Peloponnesian affairs just then” (pres.).

Ἀλκιβιάδης: on his position and conduct at this time, see Müller-Strübing, Aristoph. und die hist. Krit. p. 398 f.

τῶν αὐτόθεν (ἀπὸ Πελοποννήσου, Schol.) ξυμμάχων: part. gen. with παραλαβών, as in iv. 80. 7 with ἐκπέμψαι.

περὶ τὴν ξυμμαχίαν : he made the arrangements required by the treaty of c. 47.

Πατρέας: Patrae, now Patras. On the importance of its position at the entrance of the Gulf of Corinth, see Curtius, Peloponnes. I. p. 434 ff. Hertzberg, Alkibiades, p. 101, shows the importance of this expedition.

τείχη καθεῖναι...ἐς θάλασσαν : i.e. μακρὰ τείχη ἐς θάλασσαν οἰκοδομεῖν acc. to a regular principle of Athenian policy, to make the town accessible from the sea. See on i. 103. 14.— ἕτερον (sc. τεῖχος) τειχίσαι: cf. i. 90. 7; 91. 3.

τῷ Ῥίῳ τῷ Ἀχαϊκῷ: a low point of land on the coast of Achaea. On the opposite side of the gulf is a similar cape called τὸ Ῥίον τὸ Μολυκρινόν. Cf. ii. 84. 29; 86. 6 and 11.

οἷς ἦν ἐν βλάβῃ τειχισθέν: (sc. τὸ Ῥίον) “those to whom the fortification of Rhium by the Athenians was injurious” (because they would then have entire control of the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth). The const. is like i. 100. 16 f., οἷς πολέμιον ἦν τὸ χωρίον κτιζόμενον. ἐν βλάβῃ is a periphrasis for the adj. Cf. ἐν ἡδονῇ, Hdt.iv. 139. 8; vii. 15. 11.

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