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The Lacedaemonians send a garrison to Epidaurus. The Athenians bring Helots to Pylos to plunder Laconia. The Argives make an unsuccessful attack upon Epidaurus.

λαθόντες Ἀθηναίους: their ships were doubtless on guard in the Gulf of Argos. These words express the opinion referred to in c. 47. 31, that the sea was under the rule of Athens,

Ἀγησιππίδαν: prob. the same whose name is given in Att. form, Ἡγησιππίδαν, in c. 52. 3.

γεγραμμένον: acc. abs. of the impers. verb like εἰρημένον in c. 30. 9; 39. 12. G. 278, 2; H. 973.—διὰ τῆς ἑαυτῶν: with intentional omission of γῆς of c. 47. 30. See on c. 47. 31 and Grote VI. c. 56, p. 340.—ἐν ταῖς σπονδαῖς: const. with γεγραμμένον. σπονδαί, treaty, is here used to mean the written document.—ἑκάστους: corresponding to ὧν ἂν ἄρχωσιν ἕκαστοι, c. 47. 31.

κομιοῦσιν: transfer, see to the transportation of. Cf. c. 35. 26.

τοὺς Μεσσηνίους καὶ Εἵλωτας: cf. c. 35. 27.—ἀδικήσεσθαι: in pass. signification occurs also in vi. 87. 17.

τῇ...Λακωνικῇ στήλῃ : ἢν ἔστησαν οἱ Ἀθηναῖοι ἔχουσαν τὰς Λακωνικὰς σπονδάς, Schol. On the Acropolis. See c. 23. 23.—ὑπέγραψαν: this did not officially put an end to the peace with Sparta, but prepared the way for war by showing that the Athenians no longer considered themselves bound by the treaty.

ἐκ Κρανίων: on the island of Cephallenia, where they had given them a home. See c. 35. § 7.—λῄζεσθαι: for the simple inf. expressing purpose, cf. c. 2. 11, περιπλεῖν; ii. 84. 25, κατέστησαν τρέπεσθαι; vi. 16. 33. GMT. 97; H. 951.

ἐκ παρασκευῆς: ἐκ φανερᾶς παρατάξεως, Schol. Cf. iv. 94. 4.

ὡς τύχοιεν, διεφθείροντο: impf. after the opt. of the cond. rel. sent. in general supposition. So ii. 4. 3, τὰς προσβολὰς προσπίπτοιεν ἀπεωθοῦντο. GMT. 62; H. 914, B, (2).

πρὸς ἔαρ ἤδη: see on c. 17. 7; i. 30. 20.

ὡς ἐρήμου οὔσης κτἑ.: in the belief that since the place was stripped of its defenders by the war they would take it by storm. On the use of the gen. abs., see GMT. 110, 1, N. 5; H. 972d. ὡς belongs with αἱρήσοντες, but also affects ἐρήμου οὔσης.

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