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The next summer (418 B.C.) the Lacedaemonians and their allies take the field with a great armament against Argos.

αὐτοῖς: dat. as in c. 3. 21.

τἆλλα: the other states. τὰ μέν and τὰ δέ distribute the preceding τἆλλα (part. appos. G. 137, N. 2; H. 624 d), so that οὐ καλῶς εἶχε must be taken as referring to their disaffection. On the other hand, αὐτά, 5, refers, not to the separate states, but to the general condition of things, acc. to the usage of i. 1. 10. See on c. 27. 3.

προκαταλήψονται: abs. here, as in iii. 2. 15; 3. 9. and 46. 25: “take measures of precaution” (Jowett). On the various uses of προκαταλαμβάνειν, see on i. 57. 15. (Herbst, Philol. 24, p. 626, defends the reading of inferior Mss. καταλήψονται.)

ἐπὶ πλέον χωρήσεσθαι: would go further, as in vii. 50. 19, ἐπὶ τὸ βέλτιον.—ἐστράτευον ἐπ̓ Ἄργος: in a general way, they took the field against Argos. Since the Boeotians and Corinthians chose Phlius as the place in which their contingents were to unite (10, ἐς Φλιοῦντα ξυνελέγοντο), Agis also marched in that direction.

ὅσοι ἄλλοι: i.e. the Heraeans and Maenalians. Cf. c. 67. 7.

Φλιοῦντα: see Bursian, II. p. 35, note 5. See App.

ἅμιπποι: (cf. Xen. Hell. vii. 5. 24, ἁμίππους πεζούς) ‘footsoldiers, who being attached each to a horseman (which is to be inferred from ἴσοι), accompanied him on foot or, as occasion demanded, sprang upon his horse’ (Kr.); ‘foot-soldiers who ran alongside with the horsemen’ (Grote). In Thuc. and Xen. a Boeotian custom. Caes., Bell. Gall. i. 48. 5, ascribes the same custom to the Germans of Ariovistus; there we find totidem, as here ἴσοι.

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