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In Argos the oligarchical party gains the upper hand, and brings about a peace with Sparta.

εὐθύς: const. with ἀρχομένου. Cf. c. 13. 2; iv. 52. 1.

[ἐπειδὴ τὰ Κάρνεια ἤγαγον]: see App.

λόγους ξυμβατηρίους: proposals of peace. Not found elsewhere in Att. writers; later freq. used, esp. by Dion H. (ii. 45, etc.).

αὐτοῖς: const. grammatically with ἐπιτήδειοι, but its position at the beginning of the sent. points to a general relation: “there had always been partizans of theirs there.”

τὸν δῆμον: τὴν δημοκρατίαν. Schol. Cf. iii. 81. 20.

τοὺς πολλούς: the many, the people (Cl. renders, a great number, and cites iv. 6. 6, which does not apply).—ἐς τὴν ὁμολογίαν: a rare const. with πείθειν which is defined by the Schol. ἤγουν καταπεῖσαι ὁμολογῆσαι καὶ συνθέσθαι.

σπονδὰς ποιήσαντες : after they had first made a truce (cf. c. 30. 26; ii. 29. 24); with ξυμμαχίαν, 9, we must supply ποιῆσαι (cf. c. 30. 26; ii. 29. 24; viii. 6. 10), depending, like the following ἐπιτίθεσθαι, upon ἐβούλοντο.

αὖθις : denotes progress after πρῶτον or πρότερον. Cf. c. 36. 11; 78. 5; iv. 73. 26; vi. 90. 5.

Λίχας Ἀρκεσιλάου: see on c. 50. 14.

καθ᾽ τι, ὡς: the ellip sis in these brief expressions (as in Lat. quaestio an or quomodo, etc.) cannot be supplied with certainty (πολεμήσουσι with καθ᾽ τι and εἰρήνην ἄξουσι with ὡς would do). In case the Argives preferred war, the λόγος probably contained threats, and in case of an agreement, the proposal of the terms given in c. 77.

ἔτυχε...παρών : he was already present in c. 61. 8.

τοῖς Λακεδαιμονίοις: the dat. of advantage with πράσσειν as in iii. 4. 21; iv. 106. 10.

ἐκ τοῦ φανεροῦ: equiv. to φανερῶς. Cf. iv. 79. 10; 106. 11.—τολμῶντες: abs. Cf. ii. 43. 11.

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