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Fruitless expedition of the Athenians into Thessaly to restore Orestes; attempts on the coast of Peloponnesus and Acarnania.

τοῦ Θεσσαλῶν βασιλέως: the generality of this expression is surprising, but the title βασιλεύς is applied to the chiefs of particular parts of Thessaly in Hdt. v.63.16; vii.6.8. As the family of Echecratidas and Orestes belonged to Pharsalus (Gilbert, Griech. Alt. II. p. 7), we perhaps should read Φαρσαλίων. Cf. ii. 22. § 3; iv. 78. § 2. Perhaps ταγός is here meant. Anacreon, Anthol. Pal. vi. 142, speaks of Echecratidas as Θεσσαλίας ἀρχός.

κατάγειν : see on c. 26. 15. —παραλαβόντες: applied specially to the call of allied troops to active service. Cf. 14; v.52.12; vi.101.30; vii.20.16; 26. 5; 31. 7; 57. 41; viii.92.40.—ὄντας ξυμμάχους: see c. 108. 9.

τῆς Θεσσαλίας: see on c. 100. 15.

ὅσα μή: also ὅσον or τι,= τοσαύτης μόνον ὅσης κρατεῖν ἐδύναντο μὴ προιόντες. Kühn. 512, 4 b. An elliptical expression to limit a preceding assertion; so far as was possible without. Cf. iv.16.12; Soph. O. R. 347; Trach. 1214.

τῶν ὅπλων: i.e. the place of arms. Cf. iii.1.7; vi.64.20; Xen. Hell. ii.4.6; with τίθεσθαι, ii.2.22; iv.44.6; vii.3.3; viii.25.22.

ἄπρακτοι: with ἀποχωρεῖν again, viii.43.24; with ἀναχωρεῖν, iv.22.14; with ἀπιέναι, iii.113.20; iv.61.28; 99. 10; v.38.21; 56. 19; vi.85.15; 86. 23; the adv., vi.48.3.

ἐπὶ τὰς ναῦς ἐπιβάντες: cf. ii.25.20; vii.69.26; the same as ἐσβαίνειν ἐς, i.18.19. In vii.70.32, ταῖς ναυσί, of boarding. But in iv.116.8, ἐπιβαίνειν τοῦ τείχους.

αὐτοί : see c. 103. 13.—παρέπλευσαν: sailed along the coast, the circumnavigation of Peloponnesus not being intended. Cf. ii.25.15, 26; 84. 30; iii.7.5; etc. Pericles is here first mentioned, with the distinction which is always given by the addition of a father's name. In his case this is repeated on each occasion that he is again prominently introduced. Cf. c. 127. 3; 139. 23; ii.13.3; 31. 3; 34. 22. In other places the father's name is omitted. Müller-Strübing, Aristophanes, p. 618 ff., whose further inferences are not to be accepted. See Introd. p. 2.

τῆς Ἀκαρνανίας: dependent on Οἰνιάδας, as in 4. Oeniadae, at the mouth of the Achelous, used as name of the town (ii.102.15; iii.7.10; 114. 12) and of the inhabitants (iv.77.9). On this expedition of Pericles, see Plut. Per. 19. 2-4, who gives him 100 triremes.

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